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Web browser based on the Chromium engine
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Browse the Internet, download the media files that you encounter and play them, organize your torrent downloads and play games.

Torch is a Chromium-based web browser that offers you much more than just an interface to navigate the Web. This attractive browser comes with a set of extra utilities that will allow you to grab any media file with just one click, as well as load and manage your torrent downloads efficiently. With specific pages for both listening to music and playing games, Torch is a serious contender to well-established navigation tools.

Clearly media-oriented, Torch has integrated in one single tool both a fast and nice-to-look-at browser and a media grabber and player. The idea is that you surf the web, find the media you are most interested in, download it, and play it back without leaving Torch. All you need to do is make use of the browser’s built-in torrent manager, media player, online sharing capabilities, etc., to enjoy this new and comprehensive browsing experience fully.

Torch Media Grabber is a one-click feature that allows you to save audio and video files that you find on the Web without needing to rely on external downloading and conversion tools. Just click on the button provided and Torch will take care of everything, while the program’s download accelerator makes the most of your Internet connection to speed up the process. Though downloading torrents requires a few more clicks, Torch offers you a nicely-designed torrent manager to make this task as rewarding as possible. You can load any .torrent file stored in any of your drives or search the Web looking for them, watch them download, and play them back in Torch’s built-in player even if they’ve only been partially downloaded. Of course, this media player can also be used to play back any existing media file, too.

Torch Music and Torch Games are probably the browser’s most attractive assets. These buttons will take you to a couple of nicely-designed portals where you can browse and listen to your custom-made playlists or enjoy an extensive list of shooting, strategy, puzzle, or action games, among other categories. Finally, it is important to mention Torch’s sharing capabilities – with specific buttons for Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to share anything you find on the Web with your friends and followers right away.

If media and social networks is what you like most in the Web, you may start considering Torch as your default browser, as no other browser out there will offer you as many media-related extra utilities in one single package.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Comes with a set of useful extra tools
  • Includes a torrent downloader
  • Specific sites for games and music
  • One-click media downloader
  • Attractive interface


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